Celebrate the beginning of May with just 11 euros/day!

Kick-start May by cruising your way to Kos on the beautiful Almyra, for only 11 euros/day!

Almyra is a Bavaria 40 Cruiser, featuring 3 cabins, 3 double beds, 2 bathrooms as well as a beautiful blue and white interior and can host up to 7 people.

Book a trip now for 7-9 days starting on May 1st and experience carefree boating for just 72€/ day.
Itinerary: One way from Piraeus to Kos.

Kos, one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean sea, is famous for its temperate climate making it the perfect  destination for boating beginners.

Grab this wild bargain now and let the fun begin!

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Go boating in the Cyclades for just 12,5 euros per day!

incrediblue is proud to present our cheapest offer to date!

Book a trip with your friends on this beautiful sailing boat and enjoy cruising around  the Cyclades for just 12.5€ / person per day.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37: Fits 8 people
12.5€ / person per day
Base: Athens

Price valid for any bookings that last more than 3 days and take place before May 2, 2014.

For bareboat bookings, the security deposit is only 300 euros.

Click here to contact the owner and book your trip now!


Boating this Easter is cheaper than ever!

Everyone loves a good offer, especially on time for the holidays!

Here are 2 more offers for those of you who dream of spending Easter enjoying the smell of spring sea breezes and watching the sun reflect on clear waters.

Click on the dates to view more details on incrediblue or to contact the owner and claim these offers!

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42.2: Fits 8 people
38€ / person per day All-included
4 days / 3 nights for 1200€
Dates: April 18 – 21
Itinerary: Sporades

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 52.2: Fits 10 people
26€ / person per day 
7 days/ 6 nights for 1770€
Dates: 12 – 19 April or 19 – 26 April
Base: Athens


Spend Easter under the Greek sun with our special offers!

Easter is the second most popular boating season of the year and for a good reason. The weather is beautiful, the sea is welcoming and who can say no to their first tan.

To help you plan an unforgettable Easter in Greece, incrediblue has put together a list of amazing Easter offers for you to choose from, with prices as low as 34 euros/day, skipper included!

Take your pick while you still can! Just click on each picture to contact the owner and learn more about the offer.

Beneteau Cyclades 50.5: Fits 10 people
35€ / person per day All-included
4 days / 3 nights for 1380€
Dates: April 18 – 21
Base: Athens

Ocean Star 56.1 Fits 10 people
34€ / person per day All-included
4 days / 3 nights for 1610€
Dates: April 18 – 21
Base: Halkidiki

Lagoon 420: Fits 10 people
46€ / person per day All-included
4 days / 3 nights for 1840€
Dates: April 18 – 21
Base: Athens

Lagoon 400: Fits 6 people
48€ / person per day All-included
6 days for 288€/person
Dates: April 16 – 22
Base: Thessaloniki


Happy Easter everyone!

Let us introduce you to Alexa!

incrediblue is well known for offering a wide variety of boats at affordable prices, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have just the thing for those of you who are looking for a more luxurious getaway.

One of our latest additions to our fleet  is the beautiful Alexa and she can definitely make you feel like a king once you board her!


Here is a great article about her from our friends over at Just Luxe.

Join incrediblue now and plan your dream boating trip in no time!



The Allure of a Boater’s Life on the Water

About 70% of the Earth is covered in water… and wherever there is water you will likely find a boater enjoying it.


The feeling you get while being on the water is like nothing else. Getting close to nature, exploring coastlines and waterfront towns… boating is an experience cherished by everyone who has ever tried it.

When you board a boat, whether it is a sailboat or a luxury catamaran, there is a sense of freedom and tranquility that you cannot get anywhere else. You control your experience level – making it as leisurely or as exciting as you want. Looking for relaxation? Then take a cruise on a sailboat, sit back and feel the breeze of the wind in your hair. Crave exhilaration? A day on the water in a speed boat will give you a rush you’ll never forget.

Boating is definitely as much about the journey as the destination. There is no other method of transport that can compare to a boat. A boat gives you access to travel waterways, secluded beaches and ports not reachable any other way. Drop an anchor or pull up to a dock and discover some of the most breath-taking and serene spots in the world.

incrediblue boating

The best part is that access to the boating lifestyle has never been easier or more affordable. You can test the waters with boat rental marketplaces like incrediblue that give you access to unique boats and beautiful destinations  you never dreamed you could visit. It doesn’t matter if you are not an experienced boater, you can rent a captained boat that will guide you.

In addition to the amazing destinations, you’ll experience aspects of local culture and meet people that enjoy the lifestyle as much as you. You’ll find that almost every boater you meet is an interesting and unique character… yet oddly familiar and very much approachable.

This is why I love my life as a boater. I’m drawn to the amazing experiences it provides me. Every boating trip is different. It changes with you. From our early days as a couple enjoying time together on our boat, to building lasting memories together as a family with our kids, there was joy in every single moment.


Photo credit: boaterlifeonline.com

And the allure of life on the water continues to draw me in.



About the Author: Diane Seltzer is an avid boater and founder of boating lifestyle sites BoaterLifeOnline.com and BoaterKids.com. She also serves as the marketing director for SureShade retractable marine sunshade and runs MarineMarketingTools.com. Follow her on Twitter @BoaterLife_OL





incrediblue meet and greet with President Gauck

Today incrediblue was excited to share its insights on innovation in Greece with the President of Germany, Mr Joachim Gauck.

incrediblue, along with 5 fellow Greek startups, was hand-chosen by President Gauck, who invited us to discuss incrediblue’s mission and the latest boom of innovative ventures in Greece. President Gauck shared his excitement about meeting with new people & companies that inspire optimism and promote pioneering, and left with a promise to support private initiative any way he can.

DIO_3394Aincrediblue’s Co-founder and CEO, Antonios Fiorakis with President Gauck

No matter what today’s outcome will be, one thing is for sure, this year is going to be full of incrediblue news, so stay tuned!

Join us for an incrediblue sailing event

incrediblue is excited to host a unique sailing event tomorrow evening, Saturday March 8th, in our Volos headquarters. Mr. Kostas Trigonis, Greece’s shining sailing star, has been invited by Himera Sailing to share his experience and insights on the amazing America’s Cup world series.

Iordanis Paschalidis and Kostas Trigonis in Athens

Mr. Trigonis has secured his place among the Top 5 sailing athletes worldwide by winning 20 National, 3 Balcan, 1 Mediterranean, 6 European and 5 World awards as well as participating in 4 Olympics. Don’t miss out on an incrediblue opportunity to meet with him face to face and find out how team strategics, financing and designing the perfect boat can make a huge difference when it comes to “sailing” to the top!

Join our vast community now and sail away like a pro yourself!

Long exotic sailing vacation: Tenerife to Mallorca

Are you ready to experience the most exciting adventure of your life? You and your friends or family, sailing for 21 days on board a sailboat heading from the cosmopolitan Mallorca to the exotic Tenerife! An exciting one-way trip starting from Tenerife in October 19th and finishes in Palma Mallorca in November 9th!

Choose one of the amazing sailing yachts that follow and live the dream!

Guanajo sailing boat

Price: 5,750€ for 10 people (575€ per person) – Book now!

TamajitoTamajito Sailing boat

Price: 2,396€ for 6 people (399€ per person) - Book now!

Love sailing during winter? Check the following one-way trip starting from Tenerife in November 2nd and finishes in Palma Mallorca in November 23rd on board the following brand new Bavaria 45.

MariaTamajito Sailing boat

Price: 4,792€ for 8 people (599€ per person) – Book now!

Waste no more time! Tell your friends about it and start making plans!

Need something sooner? Check our incrediblue offers!

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Sailing autumn suggestions

Have you been busy during summer? Are you looking for an excuse to go on vacation again? Do you enjoy low season more, when vacation is cheaper and less crowded?

Whatever the reason, check out the following autumn offers in Greece:

Leonidas’ “Patmos”
Patmos Sailing Yacht

While everybody is at work, you can escape Athens and enjoy September’s last week, sailing on board S/Y “Patmos”.

7 days for 110€/day for 6 people (19€/day per person):
September 28th – October 5th
Price does not include skipper, cleaning fee and fuel. Need a skipper? Ask the owner.

Lefkada – Corfu
Sailing from Lefkada to Kerkyra

Passion for sailing? The Ionian sea is very suitable for sailing even for beginners. Seize the opportunity of this major offer and take your friends to an unforgettable sailing experience.

7 days for 136€/day for 6 people (23€/day per person).
September 7-14
Price does not include the skipper, cleaning fee and fuel. Need a skipper? Ask the owner.

Georgios’ AlphavilleSailing yacht Alphaville

Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, the Sporades islands, are a very famous tourist destination that attracts thousands of travellers every summer. Enjoy their breathtaking natural beauty and cosmopolitan lifestyle, sailing on board Alphaville, cheaper than ever.

7 days for 173€/day for 6 people (29€/day per person). Just choose your desired dates below:
August 31 – September 7
September 7 – 14
September 14 – 21
September 21 – 28
Prices do not include the skipper, cleaning fee and fuel. Need a skipper? Ask the owner.

Theodoros’ all-inclusive experienceElyita Sailing Yacht

Best value for money is guaranteed in this all-inclusive special price, that only Theodoros can offer! Enjoy many unique activities such as: Altalena (water swing), mast ski (skiing from the top of the mast), tubes ,water skiing, banana skiing, scuba diving, snorkelling, tuna fishing (by stand-up rods) etc. Moreover, the sailing yacht is equipped with a 4.5m dinghy with a 50HP outboard engine for comfortable transfer to the shore.
Choose between:

7 days for 288€/day for 8 people (36€/day per person):
September 21 – 28
September 28 – October 5
October 5 – 12
October 12 – 19
October 19 – 26

10 days for 230€/day for 8 people (29€/day per person):
Just choose 10 days from September 21 till October 26 and contact Theodoros, via incrediblue, so that he provides you with this special offer.

Prices include the skipper. Cleaning fee and fuel are not included. 

Manolis’ NafkratousaNafkratousa

Is 7 days too much for you? How about 4 days? Or a weekend? Or a day-trip?
Whichever the case, Manolis is ready to provide you with the best offers for his beautiful and comfortable boat.

4 days for 1350€ for 6 people (225€ per person)
September 9 – 13
September 16 – 20
September 23 – 27
Itinerary: Sporades islands OR Limnos island OR Chalkidiki area
Prices include the skipper and cleaning fee.
Fuel and port fees for Porto Carras & Sani Marinas are not included.

3 days for 1050€ for 6 people (175€ per person)
September 27 – 30
Itinerary: Diaporos islands, Amouliani, Western side of Mt. Athos

Day-trips for 400€ for 6 people (67€ per person)
On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
From September 2 till October 2
Itinerary: Diaporos islands, Amouliani
Price includes the skipper, the cleaning fee and the fuel.
Ask Manolis for a day-trip via incrediblue.

Coffee, juice, fruit salad and bottled water are provided during the trip.
Snacks and meals can be prepared onboard with ingredients brought by you or by Manolis, if requested at least 2 days in advance.

So, what are you waiting for? Tell your friends about it, get ready and hop onboard!

Need something sooner? Check our incrediblue offers!

Got any questions? Contact our Customer Service team!